Thursday, September 1, 2011

Topping Timp and Party Parents

Hey everyone, so sorry it's been an awful long time not blogging. I've had a pretty busy last couple of weeks, but mostly I've been lazy when it comes to blogging (Last post is plenty proof). So to catch up on all I've been doing I'll probably have to do a few post. Let's get started.
So most recently I climbed Mt. Timpanogos in Utah. Oiy was it hard! It's pretty cool to say I've done it, however, it wasn't very fun to do overall. Two of my roommates and I went with a group of people at midnight on Saturday the 3rd and climbed for 5-ish hours to the shepherd's shack. My room-roommate, Colleen, and I stayed there until like 7-ish. It was really pretty to see the sunrise, but it was freezing. So after all this fun we headed back to the bottom. All I have to say is that end of that hike I have never been so happy to see a parking lot or to take a shower. Once this whole ordeal was done I felt awful until Tuesday. I was so sore, it was pretty funny to see me walk :) It was a very painful Labor Day weekend.
This is my roommate Carly and me trying to get warm because it was freezing! (That was at the beginning of the hike when we were still happy!)
The beautiful sunrise.
This is how nasty my feet were. The hike ruined a favorite pair of my socks by putting a hole in the toe!

Labor Day weekend wasn't too terrible because my parents came up to see my newest niece Alexandra Kensington. She is so cute!
It was great to see my parents and party with them again. I basically have the coolest parents ever. Well I'll be continuing to update on my life. I still have to post new crafts and new friends (roommate intros) It'll be great! Have a wonderful day! This finally recovered hiker out!! ;)


  1. I'm glad your weekend wasn't too terrible. Keep blogging! I love it! And don't forget to check mine out and comment!

  2. what the heck Margaret, you're a beast. Me, Hilaree, and Ashlee can't even make it up Camelback!