Saturday, January 14, 2012


This morning I had the goal to gets lots of homework done, and be productive! Unfortunately my roommates and I got distracted... And thus, the idea to do our nails (and put off doing homework) was born!! It was really fun because my sister Hilaree had told me about a cool way to do my nails using eyeshadow. Ok so you take eyeshadow and you break it up until it's fine powder. Then you add clear nail polish to it, paint your nails and voila!
You got awesome matte looking nails.

My roommates Carly and Alix tried a new way to do their nails too! what they did was paint their nails white, then got newspaper and rubbing alcohol. They cut out pieces and placed it on their nail and then wetted the paper with the alcohol and the ink came off on to their nail and .... Ta da!
Pretty neat huh?
I love the face on Carly's thumb and the "Usher's" on Alix's thumb. Hahaha! It was a great way to put off homework! (like blogging) Time waster out!! ;)