Friday, September 16, 2011

Just a bit of Randomness!

Ok so this is a two-parter-random post dealing with the world of technology and then the world of nature. Let us begin:
The other day I was caught off-guard by a bit of online randomness. I was filling out this online application and at the bottom of the page there was this link:
I don't know about you, but this is what went through my head after reading that: "Wait.... What?!.... if they're blind how can they see this....*Start thinking real hard*.... I'm so lost!....*Think a bit deeper*... uh.... *Deeper still*.... Yup I got nothing."
If this is what just went on in your mind don't try to think too hard or delve too deep into this very puzzling question because I still don't understand! Yet, there is one explanation I can offer that may clear it up a bit and that is that this link was located on a government website.
Now as we move to the world of nature I like you to briefly recall the previous paragraph and think about what it meant to you; however, if you cannot recall the previous paragraph then just simply continue reading on to the next bit of Randomness. Now I'd like you to look at this picture:
Notice anything weird?... No, then let's take a closer look shall we:
If you still can see it you may want to look into getting glasses.
This is my new friend Fred. He is a super cute little guy, with what looks like a terrible sunburn. Him and I were instant friends. We talked a bit and chilled. I was contemplating on letting him live with us; but then I remembered the Honor Code and that wonderful phrase "If you love something set it free, or break it's legs so it can't run away." Well I didn't want to hurt Fred so I decided to set him free. Here is our heart felt good-bye with the classic kiss-of-the-hand gesture as we parted.
Well I guess the true message of this post is that apparently the government doesn't know who blind people are, (or they know a secret about their abilities that I don't), and that you can find friends in all situations, (even if it's them secretly following you into your house). Have a great day and let a little randomness into your life every once in a while. Random blogger out!! ;)

Monday, September 12, 2011


Hey so more catch-up today! So I moved into an apartment, up in Utah, like 3 weeks ago, with 5 other girls, and it is great! I definitely got the best roommates ever!!!! And with that statement I believe introductions are in order. This is Carly who has been featured on this prestigious blog already.
Ok so as afore mentioned, this is me and Carly. We are finishing up making dinner for everyone. And if you look down... BAM! There's everyone!
Going left to right it's Charee, Kacie, Alix, me, and Colleen. Don't we just look awesome? I bet all you reading are just like "Man I wish I had that cool of roommates!" Sorry they are one of a kind and they are mine! Oh yeah!
We have had some pretty good times together so far, and the year has barely started. We have this awesome quote-slash-picture wall. It's pretty awesome.
Unfortunately there is a lacking in pictures currently, but don't fret it will soon be mended. Oh and our end of the semester paper chain full of the most random holidays.
More tid-bits about me and my roommates:
- We are all 20 and juniors (until October).
- We all are studying the coolest subjects offered at BYU.
- We all are from different places, two of us the same state, but each our own city.
- We are all amazingly awesome!
- We all eat and sleep.
It's amazing how different and yet how similar we are! Well now you've seen and know a bit about my roommates. Don't worry there should be plenty of posts about them, so you will see them again. Bragging blogger with coolest roommates ever signing off! ;)
(Here's some fun pics of us.)
Kacie and Alix painting there room so it no longer is an Easter egg.
Here is four of us after Fall fest where we danced like crazy!
Here Charee and Carly are wrestling... I don't know why, but it was funny!
Here is Carly "studying" like she often does.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Okay so I was posting a comment on my sisters blog and then it asked me for the verification code: ansorgat. I heard somewhere this was to make sure you are human, which leaves me to ask a very important question: What does ansorgat mean? If the reason is to make sure you're human wouldn't you want to put actual words you know that humans use. I feel like putting a bunch of random letters together would make it easier for the panda, lamp, manatee, or whatever non-human thing your computer is trying to keep from using it. Overall I think it is a bit tedious and a little silly, I mean really what would a lamp have to post on my sisters blog! Well that's my shpeel on verification codes. This human ansorgatting off :)
[But seriously if you know what it means let me know. Also let me know if you have a problem with pandas, lamps, manatees, or any other non-human thing messing with your computer]

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Topping Timp and Party Parents

Hey everyone, so sorry it's been an awful long time not blogging. I've had a pretty busy last couple of weeks, but mostly I've been lazy when it comes to blogging (Last post is plenty proof). So to catch up on all I've been doing I'll probably have to do a few post. Let's get started.
So most recently I climbed Mt. Timpanogos in Utah. Oiy was it hard! It's pretty cool to say I've done it, however, it wasn't very fun to do overall. Two of my roommates and I went with a group of people at midnight on Saturday the 3rd and climbed for 5-ish hours to the shepherd's shack. My room-roommate, Colleen, and I stayed there until like 7-ish. It was really pretty to see the sunrise, but it was freezing. So after all this fun we headed back to the bottom. All I have to say is that end of that hike I have never been so happy to see a parking lot or to take a shower. Once this whole ordeal was done I felt awful until Tuesday. I was so sore, it was pretty funny to see me walk :) It was a very painful Labor Day weekend.
This is my roommate Carly and me trying to get warm because it was freezing! (That was at the beginning of the hike when we were still happy!)
The beautiful sunrise.
This is how nasty my feet were. The hike ruined a favorite pair of my socks by putting a hole in the toe!

Labor Day weekend wasn't too terrible because my parents came up to see my newest niece Alexandra Kensington. She is so cute!
It was great to see my parents and party with them again. I basically have the coolest parents ever. Well I'll be continuing to update on my life. I still have to post new crafts and new friends (roommate intros) It'll be great! Have a wonderful day! This finally recovered hiker out!! ;)