Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The first post... hopefully not the last.

So my sister just started a blog, and then we talked lots about blogs, and then I finally decided it was something I should do, and so now I am. Ta-da now I am doing it! I dedicate this post to that sister.

I feel I should put forth my intentions behind starting this blog just so no one is mislead. So basically I want to brag about my awesomeness to people I care about, people I just know, and honestly I'm ok with bragging about it to perfect strangers. Beside it being a blog about things that I have made, hence the name; it shall also be about things I'm thinking, or what I'm experiencing. It's basically a way for me to share things with people without being personal, no eye contact, no bad breath, and no having to endure comments that are unwanted, or hurtful. It's win-win for those of you reading as well because if you don't like it you can just leave my blog.

I'm just going to splurge a bit on my most recent activities. Today I started a new quilt that I designed. It's going to be really fun. There are lots of bright colors... I'll have to put a picture of it sometime. I already made a mistake, but that's ok I have a solution. I also started a blog, which I'm excited for. That's the total story for today... minus the boring parts. I'm looking forward to blogging. I hope it'll be good. Margaret signing off ;)