Friday, September 16, 2011

Just a bit of Randomness!

Ok so this is a two-parter-random post dealing with the world of technology and then the world of nature. Let us begin:
The other day I was caught off-guard by a bit of online randomness. I was filling out this online application and at the bottom of the page there was this link:
I don't know about you, but this is what went through my head after reading that: "Wait.... What?!.... if they're blind how can they see this....*Start thinking real hard*.... I'm so lost!....*Think a bit deeper*... uh.... *Deeper still*.... Yup I got nothing."
If this is what just went on in your mind don't try to think too hard or delve too deep into this very puzzling question because I still don't understand! Yet, there is one explanation I can offer that may clear it up a bit and that is that this link was located on a government website.
Now as we move to the world of nature I like you to briefly recall the previous paragraph and think about what it meant to you; however, if you cannot recall the previous paragraph then just simply continue reading on to the next bit of Randomness. Now I'd like you to look at this picture:
Notice anything weird?... No, then let's take a closer look shall we:
If you still can see it you may want to look into getting glasses.
This is my new friend Fred. He is a super cute little guy, with what looks like a terrible sunburn. Him and I were instant friends. We talked a bit and chilled. I was contemplating on letting him live with us; but then I remembered the Honor Code and that wonderful phrase "If you love something set it free, or break it's legs so it can't run away." Well I didn't want to hurt Fred so I decided to set him free. Here is our heart felt good-bye with the classic kiss-of-the-hand gesture as we parted.
Well I guess the true message of this post is that apparently the government doesn't know who blind people are, (or they know a secret about their abilities that I don't), and that you can find friends in all situations, (even if it's them secretly following you into your house). Have a great day and let a little randomness into your life every once in a while. Random blogger out!! ;)


  1. Mean Comment! You are weird. And you have bad smelly feet.
    I still like the post though. You funny!

  2. All the mean stuff right back at you! And thank you to the nice stuff :)

  3. Could this post be more you? I love Fred and the whole think really hard. Cause I couldn't think of anything either.

  4. So . . . blind people have their computers read websites to them. And the computer probably looks for that phrase first, so that they can know the instructions. (I play cards with a blind guy at work. Braille cards. Awesome.)