Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Everything's been crafted

So yesterday my sister, Hilaree, and I decided to be crafty. She made a really fun magnet board that was all Christmasy, while I learned to use my mom's "Cricut."
I really had a lot of fun with that little machine, isn't it cute? I went to town with the 'Nifty Fifties' designs doing as many as I could while experimenting with size and colors. The first ones I made were the radioactive atoms. They were loads of fun. The one on the black background was a creation born from testing sizes. The other one is straight from the booklet.
I also experimented with some different colors for the super fun radio, TV, and the converse. The "nifty" was for my mom :)
The flamingo was what my sister Hilaree asked for, and then I helped teach her how to use the "Cricut" by helping make the Route 66. This tiny cutter is so much fun to use and way addictive. The next stop for "Cricut" crafts are magnets! It'll be great! Crafter out!

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  1. My cut outs are the best! Yay for magnets! I want to do some as well!