Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Crafting, Quilting, my Cat, and Tripping.

So this weekend has been full of fun, fabulous crafts. On Saturday my friend Heather, who is amazing!, taught my sister, Hilaree, and my sister-in-law, Jeani, and I, Margaret, how to make really, really, cute flower hair clips. Here's mine:
It was so much fun. My sister and I went to town making tons of them on Sunday. I also finished my Autumn quilt finally!!!! (I don't think I will hand bind a quilt ever again!)
I designed the pattern for this one, and my wonderful mother was so kind to give me this adorable material. Isn't she the greatest... I sure think she is.
I would like to introduce the newest pet of our family, our kitty Goob.
Isn't he the cutest kitty! (He also loves laying on my Cowboy quilt.) He is quite a cutie, who is very silly; and he enjoys chasing his tail, which I've only seen dogs do. Right now my family and I are packing up to go on a semi-road trip out east. It's going to be a blast! And I will be sure to write about all the awesome things I'm doing with my incredibly great familia. Yay for fun! Traveling crafter signing out ;)


  1. You and your sister sure do a lot together. You blog at the same time too huh?!

  2. Oh, looks like you did finish your quilt. Disregard that last comment, on that other post, er...